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First name: Mihoko

Japanese woman seeking marriage

Client #62032552

Born: 1972

Nationality: Japanese

Country of residence: Japan

How long in country of residence? 38 years

Height: 158cm (5'2")

Weight: 45kg (99 lbs.)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Marital status: Single

Occupation: Clerical job at a pharmaceutical company

How long at present occupation? More than 3 years

Education: Vocational school graduate; I'm going to start studying at an open university from next spring.

Languages: Japanese, English

Religion: None

Hobbies/Interests: Movies, music, traveling, animals (I'm keeping tropical fish as pets for now, since my current place doesn't allow animals), sports (especially badminton), studying English, piano, etc.

Do you want children someday? Yes

Do you already have children? No

Do you smoke? No

How would you describe your personality? Cheerful, sincere, caring, happy, ambitious, positive

What is most important to you? Family, friends

What countries have you been to? USA, Canada, Korea, China

Is there anything about you that your future partner would want to know before becoming involved with you? After I get married, I want to continue working as long as I can in order to help my parents financially (even if the amount is small, that's okay).

What are your hopes and plans for the future? Raising a family in which both of us can feel happy, with a partner who is also my soul mate. I value my family as my top priority, but if our situation allows, I'd like to keep working.

What message would you like to send to your future spouse? Let's walk the path of our lives so that we feel happiest being together and respecting each other.

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"I always appreciate your work. Thank you very, very much!"

Mina, Japan