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TMA Gold Membership


6 months for ¥54,000


The Gold Membership is ¥54,000 to join and receive monthly mailings for 6 months. TMA will send you 160-320 profiles of Japanese women. You may request to contact any of these women. At the same time, we'll distribute your profile to at least 200-300 Japanese women and send you the contact information of any women who request to contact you. We'll continue to notify you of any requests you receive from the women for 6 months after your membership expires at no additional charge, so the total request notification period is 12 months.


Sign up by Monday, May 12 and get a 20% discount on any membership!

¥54,000 - 20% = ¥43,200

Before signing up, please be sure you've read about how the TMA Matchmaking System works.

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To ensure a high success rate for both our men and women clients, we make sure that the woman to man ratio never falls out of balance.