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Happiness "Dear TMA - First I'd like to say thank you because thanks to TMA, I found love. Very quickly. I'll get married in March. I am very happy because it was my dream. With our busy life, it is difficult to find love -- Thank you for your help! I am writing this letter because I'd like to cancel my registration. I don't need to be registered anymore. Also, your women clients don't need to get my profile. Thank you very much. I found the princess I was looking for. I thought it was difficult to find ideal partner. I'll recommend your service to people I know. Thank you!"

Pierre, Japan

"I always appreciate your work. Thank you very, very much!"

Mina, Japan


Just married


This is what Bob wrote when recommending TMA to his friend Pete:

"Pete, If I were you, I would marry a Japanese woman. They're educated, graceful, clean and, to be honest with you, I would never have any other kind of woman. They are, for the most part, very honorable women.

You're a decent guy and I think it would be the way for you to go. At least try it. No woman on earth anticipates a man's needs like a Japanese woman. There are so many attractive ladies at TMA you would be shocked.

There is no visa problem. If they want to meet you they can just get on a plane and come to the USA for up to 90 days. They are classy and fashion conscious. And there is no existing word for "NO" in their language. They are quite shy but can be very “naughty” in private. These women are serious, honest, and honorable. You would be a fool not to take a look at it.

I have met some wonderful and quality ladies. If you want to contact TMA, I will provide you with the info. They aren't marrying you for a green card... that is why there are no restrictions on them coming to the USA like Russians or Thais or Filipinas. Think about it… One last thing about TMA -- you go thru the pics and request to contact as many ladies as you like after you view their profiles.

TMA does not nickel and dime you. They are an honorable operation, sincere and honest. I have been a member of TMA now for several years. A TMA Japanese lady client is looking for a man to love, a companion that she can respect, and in most cases, a family with children. She is not looking for your money.

Okay, well, I would not recommend TMA if I did not know for a fact that this operation is truly on the up and up and provides an honest and sincere service. I wouldn't pursue a woman via an agency unless she was Japanese.

When I lived over there I was living with a Japanese woman. When I woke up, my suit and tie were laid out and pressed, shoes shined and breakfast on the table. No complaining or nagging. Just always positive. If you even mention that you like this or that they make a mental note and get it for you. I told one once I loved black nylons with the sexy tops. 48 hours later there were 10 pairs in her drawer.

So, I will be happy to tell you more about TMA, if you want."

Bob, U.S.A.


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Japanese women know how to make a man feel like a man, and they can help you achieve your full potential in life.