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"Thanks for making this possible. It's a great idea and a great service."

Ron, California

"It passed 1 and half year since we met through TMA and almost passed a 1 year at this December after we got married. When I met him, I couldn't speak nor write English well. Because of this reason , I sometimes depressed. But he never looked he was thinking it was a problem. And I felt he is incredibly kind and being able to meet this kind of person is the first time in my life. Actually, when we met, we already could think "This is the only one". It never happens if we didn't join TMA, so we very thank you. Now, everyday, we are very happy. Thank you very very much !!!"

David  Love  Tomomi, Belgium

"Thanks for your service. I'm very happy to see so many attractive girls."

Patrick, Japan

"I would like to thank you most sincerely for your kind letter and profiles. I am very impressed with your service."

Derek, Australia



Happiness "I must say I am very impressed with your professional and reliable service and look forward every month to receiving new profiles."

Howard, Germany

"Through your services I've managed finally to find myself a good girl! She came here this Christmas to see me and we've ended up engaged to each other!"

Theodore, Greece

"Bill and Yuriko ask that we both be removed from your client list. We met through TMA, in England two years ago. We were married on November 10th. We both wish to thank TMA and all the kind people we corresponded with. We both wish everyone the luck and happiness of meeting their soul mates."

Bill  Love  Yuriko, England

"I am thankful for your agency. Please continue this system, and please find my good man."

Chieko, Japan

"I have been very impressed with the seriousness of your company as well as the very well documented and varied profiles sent each month. Really first class and trustworthy."

Fred, Saudi Arabia


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TMA is an affordable and confidential matchmaking service specializing in introducing Japanese women to Western men.