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"We have been happily married for two years, and always think how lucky we were to find each other even though we were separated by such a long distance. TMA made it possible. Thank you very much for your service when we were members and we hope a lot of people (especially Aussie guys and Japanese girls) will get lucky like we did!"

Terry  Love Keiko, Australia

"I want to thank you and your staff for helping me. Your efforts are very appreciated. Although I had some earlier contacts, I am just concentrating on one special woman. We really clicked in email and on the phone. We feel we have so much in common. She is kind, intelligent, and attractive. I think she and I are very amazed at this point. We have decided to meet here in the U.S.A. in October, and we are talking about the holidays already. I am very happy and excited to meet her soon! Actually, she was in the first packet I received, so you did an excellent job of matching us together. Thanks again!"

Kevin, U.S.A.


Paris romance

Happiness "Hello! Thank you for providing me good services. I'm very looking forward to get monthly profile every time. Feeling like I can't wait! Then, I've been checking the mailbox many times around the day it should come ;) It's quite exciting and big fun for me. Since there aren't so many interesting things related to overseas or English around me. I had been getting bored of repetition in everyday and being upset thinking I have to do something new or better. I feel I could get out of that kind of stressed feeling. I'm waiting for next profile set!!"

Naomi, Kyoto, Japan

"Last month, I got request from a TMA male client through monthly profile set. I was very happy about it and sent email to him. He replied me soon and we are exchanging email from then, everyday. He told me he would come to Japan next month. It's a very good news and I'm feeling like I can't wait. I'm hoping to be able to continue to keep this good relationship with him. And I'm very thank TMA to gave us this kind of great opportunity. I'll do my best while believing that the day I can tell you my success will come!"

Shizuka, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

"This is Martin from Germany. I don't know if you can remember me or not, but we have talked before several times. I found my perfect match even after a short time, so with this email I wanna ask you to please cancel my membership completely and take me off your website. Her name is Sayuri and I think she will contact you very soon as well to cancel her membership. We met and we are planning to marry next year. I even met her family already and I am happier than I thought I could ever be. I really have to appreciate to TMA and say thank you for such great and nice matching service. I got treated so nice and I already recommended you to friends several times!"

Martin  Love Sayuri, Germany


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Testimonials and Success Stories



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