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"I have recently become engaged. Let me thank you for providing an excellent service, which I will recommend to others."

Paul, U.S.A.

Happiness "Let me begin by mentioning how much I appreciate your company. TMA certainly is a quality organization and one that raises the level of this type of VERY personal service."

Bill, Japan

"I have already been successful with your agency and am currently corresponding with a couple of lovely ladies in Tokyo."

Scott, Oman

"I received 40 profiles this month! I'm looking forward to receiving more."

Chika, California



"I must say that I was very happy with your service. In fact, I even had two ladies come and visit me in Australia last year. I had no less than 15 ladies contact me. In my opinion, they are all nice ladies. I think setting a fee filters out the "riff-raff," guys too, of course. You can be assured that I have recommended your service to a few friends. I hope that they may decide to join in the future."

Robert, Australia

Happiness "Thank you for introducing me. Thank you!"

Reiko, Japan

"Thanks for the profiles. There were some very lovely girls. Your service has been brilliant to date. Thank you very much for your help and personalized service."

Philip, Australia

"You never know how much your organization is very important & ever spirit supporting for me. I deeply would like to show my appreciation for your efforts. Thank you very, very, very much."

Kayoko, Japan

"I would like to express my exhilaration with your extraordinary service. The service has all the elements of a premier class introduction service, par excellence! Indeed sir, the last lady you have introduced me to is very beautiful & angelic."

Richard, U.S.A.

"Sachiko and I hit it off very well and I am pleased to inform you that I won't be needing any more profiles. My thanks and I wish you and your company further success in the matchmaking game."

Peter, Australia

Happiness "I joined TMA as a Diamond member and met a man through your company last December. And finally, we got married this August!! I really want to tell TMA staff thank you. I'm very happy to be able to meet him and get together. Thank you!!"

Saeko, Tokyo, Japan


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