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"I hardly expected there is an encounter with lifetime partner like this. I'm still feeling like I'm dreaming. It has almost passed one and half a year from I met him. Everything dropped in our lap and days passed by like a flash. It was very good to use your services even it was a big decision for me to register with TMA!!! Thank you very much!! I could meet a lifelong partner and I'll make effort to be happy together from now on !!"

Stephen  Love  Sumiyo, England

"I am very glad to tell you that I have found a very beautiful woman via your agency. The woman contacted me some weeks ago and I think that we would fit perfectly together. She will come next month and she could imagine to stay abroad. Maybe forever... I am so happy and now I have to say thank you very much! The service of your agency is very good and the profiles of the women in your database were so nice. There were so many beautiful women. I would like to ask you if you could cancel my membership right now and I would not need to receive more profiles because I think I have found the love of a lifetime! I wish you all the best for your future. I am the happiest man in the world !"

Michael, Austria


Sunset beach romance

"Dear TMA - Maybe you're busy with your work now and you've no time to waste, but I wanted TMA to know about us. We went on travelling from Japan to Italy and back for several months during main holidays (Xmas, Easter & Summer). We've been meeting each other ever since, and we had a great relationship from the beginning. Now she's here, in Italy and she's learning Italian hoping for a good job too. Probably we'll get married next year, if everything will be good for us, as we really believe. We wanna thank you and TMA very much for the chance You gave us. It's been a good choice for us to know about TMA. I hope You'll go on offering chances to everybody who will need."

Luciano  Love  Yumiko, Italy

"Dear TMA - Please, as a result of overwhelming replies I would like to get my profile deleted from TMA, I have found the love of my life who lives in Tokyo, thanks to you, and replies keep on coming. This has been the greatest thing that has happened to me recently. Thank you TMA!"

Roger, U.S.A.


(Disclaimer: the man above, like many others, was very successful, but this does NOT mean you'll be -- your chances of success depend on how attractive the women find you.)

"Hi there, I am very happy to say that I found a wonderful woman through your service, who I got married to last month. We are now living very happily together in England. I just wanted to say thanks so much for your excellent service, it totally changed our lives, we're extremely happy together and owe it to TMA for providing a way to meet."

George  Love Ayako, England


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